Commercial and Residential Roof Repair in El Paso

a professional roofer performing roof repair on a home

A faulty roof on your home or place of business can lead to other problems. Whether leaks or weakened insulation happen, improper roofing will definitely cause interior issues as well. At JC Roofing and Construction we can handle any of your roof repair needs.

Common Residential Roof Repairs

If your new roof installation was conducted by uncertified contractors or inexperienced roofers, you may end up with a wealth of problems. Roof problems can happen with an aged roof as well. This is a list of common problems with roofs:

  • Bad Installation: A poorly installed roof can lead to faulty insulation. You may end up with drafts or leaks in this case. Poorly installed flashings are another problem caused by inexperienced or lazy roofers. The flashings are the metal seals around the fireplace, skylights, pipes, and cooling system. When they are not installed properly they can cause open seams which will leave space for tiles to blow away. Not only that, when they are not installed properly they can lead to puncture problems as well that compromise the roofing tiles and membrane.
  • Pools of Water: If your HVAC system doesn’t drain correctly pools of water can accumulate on your roof. This can also happen when valleys on your roof leave no place to run off to. Ponds on your roof will wear down the shingles and cause leaks in your home. Many homeowners struggle with this problem because normal materials from the local home improvement store are not sufficient to fix these kinds of problems. Not only that, if the pooling has been an ongoing problem, the shingles and underlying roofing materials may have already undergone unrepairable damage. However, our experts can assess the problem and create a good fix.
  • Shrinkage of the Roof Membrane: The roof membrane is the layer underneath the tiles or shingles. When it shrinks, it causes the shingles or tiles to crack. It can also lead to bubbling, blistering, and erosions. This issue is usually caused by aging of the roof.
  • Overhanging trees: It is best to trim overhanging trees before they cause problems. If a tree has been hanging over a roof for an extended period of time, branches scraping across the surface of your tiles or shingles can cause them to uplift or break loose. This can then leave a space for the wind to get under, which will lead to further problems.

There is really no roof repair need too big or too small for our team to handle. Our roofing contractors can conduct a full assessment of your roof and find any issues. They will not conduct any roof repairs until discussing the problem with you and planning a budget and timeline for the repairs. If the repair falls under weather damage, an insurance claim may take care of the bill.

Commercial Roofing Repairs

We understanding that roofing problems at a company property can cause a loss of workdays and profit. Our experts conduct roof repairs for both residential and commercial buildings. Commercial roofs can be harder to work on because the problems can be hidden:

  • Standing Water: Standing water is a common cause of commercial roof repairs. Poor design is the main cause for pools of water. Flat roofs often are not level or have dips. After rain or because of faulty HVAC drip lines, and with poor drainage systems, the water will sit and become stagnant. First, the roof will deteriorate, then leaks will start to form. What happens a lot of times is contractors are unable to find the leak. They will arrive at your building and apply patches or coating. Then perhaps the problem will stop for a few weeks or even months until a big storm hit. However, our roof repair technicians are experts when it comes to locating leaks.
  • Punctures and Additional Penetrations: Any time new equipment, HVAC units, or satellites are added to a roof, the roofing system is compromised. If the equipment is poorly installed, punctures can ruin the roof. Too much foot traffic can cause problems as well. The membrane, which is the layer underneath the coating or roof system, could get ruined which can lead to water and moisture building between the layers.

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If you need residential or commercial roof repair in the El Paso area, JC Roofing and Construction can help. Our experts have the knowledge and experience with several types of roofs and roofing systems. We can conduct an inspection and find the problem causing trouble on your property. Contact us today for more information.