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There’s no Job too big or too small for us to take on.

Residential roofing

We install and repair tile, metal, modified, built up,and shingle roofing systems, as
well as emergency repairs.

Commercial roofing

Our roofing contractor team handels diverse roofing systems such as TPO, BUR, and Modified roofing systems we
will focus on the condition of
your roof, allowing you to focus
on the condition of your


We offer complete remodeling services to homeowners in the El Paso area. We offer everything from bathroom and kitchen remodeling to home additions, painting, and drywall replacement.

Residential roofing

Emergency services

Here in El Paso, we’re hardly strangers to serious weather. We’ve been hammered by hail, lashed by intense rains, and blasted by winds. Our community has gotten good at rebuilding, but we know that we can take our time with some projects, while others have a bit more urgency.

Leak detection and repair

Just picture it. You’re sitting at your kitchen table, enjoying a fine cup of coffee, while a rainstorm rages outside. You take a sip, happy you’re not stuck out in this lousy weather. Then…Plink. A droplet of water hits the kitchen floor. Plink. Another drop impacts the kitchen counter. Plink. A drop lands dead center in your coffee cup.

Roof instalation and replacement

Have you decided you want a new roof? The benefits are numerous, but it can be tough to find the best roofing contractor in El Paso to fit your needs. A new roof is a big decision, we want to help you make the best one possible. Our high-quality materials paired with expert local roofers make our services superior to our competitors. We’ve been servicing El Paso homes and businesses for years, and we look forward to discussing your roof with you. 

Roof systems, Shingles, tile roofing, modified membranes, TPO-singleply thermalplastic membrane


Comercial roofing

Commercial roofing contractor

As investments go, a solid roof is just as important as anything else. A roof in poor shape allows moisture to seep into the interior of your building, creating the ability for mold to grow. It allows cracks to occur and causes heating and cooling bills to go up. Furthermore, a deteriorating roof sends a message to customers and partners that you’re willing to overlook important details. Partner with a local roofing contractor you can trust, JC Roofing & Remodeling!

Elastomeric roof coating

Do you want to better protect your roof? Are you looking to extend the life of your roof? Elastomeric roof coating is a great finish that reflects heat away from your El Paso business, we only work with the highest-quality materials and offer the best craftsmanship in the area. When it comes to roof protection, we believe a roof with Elastomeric coating is a great investment in the longevity of your business.

modified membranes, bur
single-ply roofing membranes, tpo, pvc

Businesses in El Paso face high temperatures and direct sunlight nearly all year long. When it comes to a roofing solution that offers longevity and durability, TPO roofing is a great choice to protect your roof. We offer commercial TPO roofing services to business in the area. 

Roofing repairs

Roofing repairs

Some repairs just can’t wait, and roofing repairs have to be on the top of any must-do list. By putting off dealing with problems, you run the risk of moisture and mold getting inside the interior of your home or business, cracks appearing within the roof, and your roof’s appearance looking worse and worse.

Profesional roof restoration

Nothing lasts forever, and your roof is no different. Remember that it soaks up solar energy on brutally hot days, acts as a shield during rain and hail storms, and does its best to withstand howling winds. Considering the punishment it takes on a regular basis, it’s inevitable that the roof will eventually lose its protective functionality and appearance.


We offer complete remodeling services to homeowners in the El Paso area. We offer everything from bathroom and kitchen remodeling to home additions, painting, and drywall replacement.

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