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We offer complete remodeling services to homeowners in the El Paso area. We offer everything from bathroom and kitchen remodeling to home additions, painting, and drywall replacement.

Commercial roofing

Our roofing contractor team handels diverse roofing systems such as TPO, BUR, and Modified roofing systems we
will focus on the condition of
your roof, allowing you to focus
on the condition of your

Residential roofing

We install and repair tile, metal, modified, built up,and shingle roofing systems, as
well as emergency repairs.

Residential electrician

If your are a homeowner with an electrical issue or project that needs handlig, JC;s Electric is here to help. We provide a dependable residential electrician service, handling all manner of electrical repairs, electrical troubleshooting, lighting installation, and all things electrical. Damaged electrical systems are extremely hazardous and pose a risk of electrocution, so they should be dealt with only by a qualified electrician. Fortunately we offer the most professional electricians in town. So contact us at JC’s Electric today and learn more about the services that we can offer for your home.

Commercial Electrician

JC’s Electric provides the services by a commercial electrician, handling lighting installations, electrical maintenance, and repairs for your property. Electrical system issues, including faulty or broken cables, damaged outlets, damaged generators, faulty lighting, exposed wiring, and electrical overload are all serious and significantly dangerous problems. In these situations, it’s safest to contact an experienced electrical service immediately so they can process the issue. If you’ve got a problem and it’s an experienced electrical contractor you’re looking for, then go ahead and contact us at JC’s Electric today.


We offer complete remodeling services to homeowners in the El Paso area. We offer everything from bathroom and kitchen remodeling to home additions, painting, and drywall replacement.

Residential roofing

Emergency services

Here in El Paso, we’re hardly strangers to serious weather. We’ve been hammered by hail, lashed by intense rains, and blasted by winds. Our community has gotten good at rebuilding, but we know that we can take our time with some projects, while others have a bit more urgency.

Leak detection and repair

Just picture it. You’re sitting at your kitchen table, enjoying a fine cup of coffee, while a rainstorm rages outside. You take a sip, happy you’re not stuck out in this lousy weather. Then…Plink. A droplet of water hits the kitchen floor. Plink. Another drop impacts the kitchen counter. Plink. A drop lands dead center in your coffee cup.

Roof instalation and replacement

Have you decided you want a new roof? The benefits are numerous, but it can be tough to find the best roofing contractor in El Paso to fit your needs. A new roof is a big decision, we want to help you make the best one possible. Our high-quality materials paired with expert local roofers make our services superior to our competitors. We’ve been servicing El Paso homes and businesses for years, and we look forward to discussing your roof with you. 

Roof systems, Shingles, tile roofing, modified membranes, TPO-singleply thermalplastic membrane


Commercial roofing

Commercial roofing contractor

As investments go, a solid roof is just as important as anything else. A roof in poor shape allows moisture to seep into the interior of your building, creating the ability for mold to grow. It allows cracks to occur and causes heating and cooling bills to go up. Furthermore, a deteriorating roof sends a message to customers and partners that you’re willing to overlook important details. Partner with a local roofing contractor you can trust, JC Roofing & Remodeling!

Elastomeric roof coating

Do you want to better protect your roof? Are you looking to extend the life of your roof? Elastomeric roof coating is a great finish that reflects heat away from your El Paso business, we only work with the highest-quality materials and offer the best craftsmanship in the area. When it comes to roof protection, we believe a roof with Elastomeric coating is a great investment in the longevity of your business.

modified membranes, bur
single-ply roofing membranes, tpo, pvc

Businesses in El Paso face high temperatures and direct sunlight nearly all year long. When it comes to a roofing solution that offers longevity and durability, TPO roofing is a great choice to protect your roof. We offer commercial TPO roofing services to business in the area. 

Roofing repairs

Roofing repairs

Some repairs just can’t wait, and roofing repairs have to be on the top of any must-do list. By putting off dealing with problems, you run the risk of moisture and mold getting inside the interior of your home or business, cracks appearing within the roof, and your roof’s appearance looking worse and worse.

Profesional roof restoration

Nothing lasts forever, and your roof is no different. Remember that it soaks up solar energy on brutally hot days, acts as a shield during rain and hail storms, and does its best to withstand howling winds. Considering the punishment it takes on a regular basis, it’s inevitable that the roof will eventually lose its protective functionality and appearance.

Electrical Contractors

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Design and Design Assist | New Construction

• Design and design assist

We can and have helped our customers with design of any electrical installation in commercial areas that an Architect or engineers are not required by City code. These are usually additions or circuitry for appliance or machine additions to their facilities. If there is a need for engineered stamped drawings we can certainly help get that done as well, we know and work with these professionals often.

• New construction

We have a complete department in our large facility dedicated for new construction, staffed with estimators, project managers and support staff to assist our customers with all new construction needs. We have an average of 55 to 70 employees to get our projects completed in time and with the right personnel and equipment. We have more than 20 years of experience as a business doing subcontracting for commercial construction

Tenant finish | Remodel and Retrofit

• Tenant finish

This is another type of commercial construction we have had plenty of experience on doing tenant finishing. Some projects include numerous Starbucks throughout city and plenty of other jobs inside malls and shopping centers.

•Remodel and retrofit

Alpine Electric has plenty of personnel and equipment to handle all types of remodels and retrofit projects in commercial buildings our customers have called us for and often we have done several of these at the same time for same or different customers.

Service upgrades | Code corrections

• Service upgrades

We have done several commercial service upgrades for businesses that exceed electrical loads for the size of their current electrical services. There have also been times we need to change electrical service voltage to accommodate different machinery that does not accept the voltages in the commercial facility.

• Code corrections

We have done all types of these corrections, but the most common for commercial buildings have been when these properties go for sale, are bought or after the fire department has done their yearly inspection.

Lighting maintenance | Sings

• Lighting maintenance

This is a common call we get from several of our regular customers who own or are responsible for keeping buildings and parking lots well lit during those early sun down months and throughout the year. We have several bucket trucks to assist us with any pole height to service parking lot or lighting in tall buildings, we also have a variety of scissor lifts that will help speed up lighting repairs in the interior of all types of commercial buildings

• Signs

We also do repairs in most signs, we trouble shoot for proper power, check their automatic or mechanical controls for proper function, verify for correct voltage at the sign and if necessary will replace ballasts, transformers, LED drivers, bulbs, or LED strips if necessary.

Outdoor lighting and controls | Security Lighting

• Outdoor Lighting

We have maintained and repaired lighting needs and have plenty of experience, equipment and personnel to troubleshoot or design a lighting control system for all outdoor needs. There is a variety of lighting types, Metal Halide, High pressure sodium, mercury vapor, Flourescent, and LED and these can be controlled with timers, photocell and contactors to activate or deactivate at the same time.

• Security Lighting

We know how important it is to keep your business well lit, which is why we provide services for security lighting, as well as upkeep maintenance for bulbs and ballasts on existing light fixtures. We also offer our services to add additional lighting if the existing lighting is not producing enough lighting for your business. Another option you may consider is the conversion to LED this is more cost efficient for the customer and requires little to almost no maintenance due to the fact LED lights last 3X longer. We also offer motion sensors, photo cells, and timers to control your security lighting to ensure your business is being well lit at night.

Generator installations | Machine Hook-ups

• Generator installations

We have installed several generators as back up for residential customers when they want the option to bring electricity to important circuits during electrical outages in their homes. We have installed diesel, gas and natural gas generators. With a generator install there must be a transfer switch installed as well. This switch is located after the Meter can and will direct

• Machine Hook-ups

Several of our commercial customers have called us to connect all type of commercial machinery needing 240v power, 480v three phase and even some rare machines requiring special transformers from overseas.

Insurance claims | Inspections and testing

• Insurance claims

We know accidents happen as well as the wear and tear on your electrical equipment. We deal with a number of companies that provide us with work orders to service business needs. We do our best to comply with the needs of the work orders. We always schedule a time and date to service the work orders so that they are done promptly and correctly.

• Inspections and testing

We offer services to inspect the electrical to a building or warehouse to make sure the electrical is up to CODE standards. We usually send a pair of technicians to check the electrical to maybe a specific area the customer is concerned about or the general electrical of the building. We also offer solutions to fix any problems we may come across to ensure the safety of any hazards and proper electrical installation.

Computer circuits | Neon and fluorescent repairs

• Computer circuits

Computer circuits and server circuits are essential to most commercial businesses. We have installed this type of electrical circuits numerous times and they should always be isolated and dedicated from a breaker panel. Sometimes these circuits have additional protection such as diesel, gasoline and natural gas generators or battery back up systems known as uninterrupted power supply UPS systems.

• Neon and fluorescent repairs

Parking lot lighting—new and repair | Serving property management companies and hoas

• Parking lot lighting – new and repair

We have a variety of clients who manage or own commercial properties with outside lighting or parking lot lighting, we have maintained and repaired their lighting control needs and also have installed new lighting for them. WE have plenty of experience, equipment and personnel to troubleshoot or design a lighting lay out or control system for all outdoor needs. There is a variety of lighting types in these commercial properties and have handled Metal Halide, High pressure sodium, mercury vapor, Flourescent, and LED lighting.

• Serving property management companies and hoas

We have serviced the electrical to many apartments, commercial strips and many types of businesses. When changing ballasts or bulbs on pole lights, building lights, or light fixtures we stay in communication with the office manager and when able we provide sketch of as-builds per our repairs so they can know what is under warranty and what is not therefore eliminating bad communication and building trust with clear and simple transparency.

LED lighting design services

We offer our services to install new lighting or add additional lighting if the existing lighting is not producing enough lighting for your business. LED is the way to go! This is more cost efficient for the customer due to the lower amount of electrical consumption and requires little to almost no maintenance due to the fact LED lights last 3X longer than common lights.


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