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JC Roofing Remodeling is family-owned and operated right here in El Paso, Tx. Since our company opened its doors in 2004, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family.


To carry out projects for our clients under the high standards of quality, that it gives the best results and solutions for the waterproofing industry.


To be the best choice in the roofing industry. To Be the best company that day by day conquers the waterproofing world to all type of roofs and covers.


Our team has extensive experience and maintains the professionalism expected to uphold our company´s reputation. We never subcontract our work to third parties, instead we take pride in completing every detail of the job ourselves. Every one of our jobs is under direct supervision to maintain the level of excellence the El Paso community has come to expect.

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If your roof looks in bad shape you may have more of a problem. In fact, you could have a number of expensive repairs in your future, due to leaks and cracks. Making matters worse, a damaged roof allows air from inside to get out, which jacks up your heating and cooling bills It also makes it easier for water to get in, which can gradually damage the interior of your home.

As investments go, a solid roof is just as important as anything else. A roof in poor shape allows moisture to seep into the interior of your building, creating the ability for mold to grow. It allows cracks to occur and causes heating and cooling bills to go up. Furthermore, a deteriorating roof sends a message to customers and partners.

Some repairs just can’t wait, and roofing repairs have to be on the top of any must-do list. By putting off dealing with problems, you run the risk of moisture and mold getting inside the interior of your home or business, cracks appearing within the roof, and your roof’s appearance looking worse and worse.

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